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This is a single player 2d adventure game about a girl named Reimi trying to escape a gory house of horrors. Along the way she might find out what happened to her missing sister, and find clues to a mysterious character from her past. It is a short escape-themed point-and-click game. The creative process of the game and most of its art and sound resources were created by children in the Miller School of Art video game camp - Summer 2014.


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Pretty neat, liked the extras too.

*Rawr* I made a LP about the game :P Had fun, jokes here and there and a review as well as some additional rants xD

Lets Play Bloody Scream

I had such a fun time playing through this game and then finding out at the end that it was made by kids was such a great surprise! You should all be very proud of yourselves. Excuse some of the bad language...but I ended up making a video of playing through the game! :D Amazing job you guys.

I can't recommend your video to the kids - being an artist it's easy to get discouraged by any flavor of critique. But it's a fun video, anyone else should like it. By the way, in the basement of horrors, a google image search for "hamburger" was involved in the development of art resources... :-)

If you play the other games, I recommend Get Some Sleep as the first - it has several endings and less sensory overload than Sweet Nightmares. I love SN, but you must steel your nerves for it, and take your time to check out the surreal biz going on in it.

Understandable! I was just having fun with it and loved discovering at the end that it was indeed done by a group of kids. Was an amazing surprise for me. I did end up praising them tons at the end as well. The rest was just me being the silly goof that I usually am in other videos. I'll have to check out the other game you suggested suggested also.

Thank you, Helix.

How old were these children, the level of gore in here is shocking even for me?

They were from ten to twelve at the time, and just up to no darn good.